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Early Reader

Your child has learned some letters and is ready to learn how to read words.

Expert Reader

The child at this stage is reading to learn. They are able to follow a story or book across multiple reading sessions. Children at this stage can be encouraged to read chapter books.

Growing Reader

Your child has mastered all the letters and how to read words. They are ready to practice reading with lots of books.

Level 1

Easy words, word repetition, less than 250 words

Level 2

Level 3

Longer sentences, up to 1500 words

Level 4

Level 4

Pre Reader

Your child is not quite ready to learn to read. Listening to stories builds vocabulary knowledge and prepares them for learning letters.

Read Aloud

Longer stories meant to be read aloud for children


Emergent Reader

It is time to start learning letters and what sounds they stand for. Children learn to read best in the language they speak the best.

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Selecting your language changes the language and the content