Level 4

Level 4

Nonkungu And The Imbulu

Nonkungu was going to visit her uncle and her mother gave her beautiful clothes to wear. On the way to her uncle’s village, Nonkungu meets a strange girl who wants to wear the lovely clothes.

Grandma’s Bananas

The little girl is curious as she watches her grandma preparing to ripen bananas.

My First Day at the Market

On Etabo’s sixth birthday, his mother and aunt take him to town to visit the market for the first time.


A boy finds himself on the street with other street children. This is a thoughtful, challenging story about his life and how it begins to change for the better.

The Golden Bird

When the king finds out there is a golden bird that can make him emperor of the universe, he goes on a mission to catch it! But his daughter has other ideas, and must muster her courage to stand up for her kingdom.

Rabbit Goes on a Quest

After narrowly escaping arrows, rabbit goes in search of the King of the forest to warm him about the attacks. Will he be successful?

The Hare’s Story

There is no water in the animal kingdom and so the king called a meeting to find a solution. Everyone shows up, except for the hare. At the meeting, they all agree to dig a well, but not let the hare drink from it. The hare had his own plan. What do you think it was?

The Elephant in My House

When a baby elephant runs into their house, Botom’s parents care for it but she becomes jealous. Can Botom get rid of the elephant or will she become friends with the lovable creature as well?