Level 3

Longer sentences, up to 1500 words

The Talking Bag

Three little girls meet a giant who pretends to need help with firewood.

Why Hippos Have No Hair

In this Nyungwe folktale, we see what happens when Hare refuses to forgive Hippo for stepping on his foot.

No Pigs Allowed

This tale explains why pigs have flat noses. What else does the story teach us?

Chicken and Millipede

Chicken and Millipede have a very competitive friendship. One day Chicken gets so cross about losing that she does something very silly.


Namoratunga in Turkana, Kenya, is an ancient site of 19 stone pillars. This story explains how those stones came to be at the site.

Holidays With Grandmother

Two children are excited as they prepare to visit their grandmother in her village. They enjoy life in the village so much that they don’t want to leave.

Keeper And His Special Nursery

A story about rescued baby animals arriving at a nursery for orphans. These little animals are nursed and looked after by a special person and his team of helpers.

Jadav and the Tree-Place

Jadav has the best job in the world: he makes forests! How does he do it? Read this book to find out!

How Do Aeroplanes Fly?

Sarla wished she could fly high like an eagle or like an aeroplane. Of course you can fly, said her new teacher. Here, Sarla shares all that she has learnt about flight and aeroplanes.

Where Did Your Dimples Go?

Langlen has curly hair like Appa and a cleft chin like Imma. It makes her wonder why brothers and sisters, or parents and children look alike. Is she just a collection of traits, then? So many questions, but Imma and Appa have all the answers.