Level 2

How Ant Saved Dove

The land is dry and Little Ant is very thirsty. He goes to the river for a drink and is swept away.

Too Small

Lebo has grown out of all her clothes and they are now too small for her. What will she do with them?

Colour-In Goat, Dog And Cow

Colour-in version. Goat, Dog and Cow are good friends. They take a trip together on a taxi, but when the time comes to pay the driver one of the friends does something surprising.

Teacher Akinyi

A short and simple story about a wonderful teacher and what she teaches us.


What is the punishment for a greedy boy who ate too much fruit?

Rooster and Hare

Be careful about what might happen when you play a joke on someone.

Child As a Peacemaker

In a wild part of Turkana, a woman leaves her baby under a tree as she climbs in search of fruit. A stranger sees the baby alone. What happens to the baby?

Happy Akai

A girl gets shoes for the first time.

Curious Baby Elephant

Elephants once had short noses, but thanks to a curious baby elephant, they ended up with useful long trunks.

The Red Raincoat

Manu has a new raincoat. He can’t wait to wear it, but the rain makes him wait… and wait… and wait.