Expert Reader

The child at this stage is reading to learn. They are able to follow a story or book across multiple reading sessions. Children at this stage can be encouraged to read chapter books.

Nonkungu And The Imbulu

Nonkungu was going to visit her uncle and her mother gave her beautiful clothes to wear. On the way to her uncle’s village, Nonkungu meets a strange girl who wants to wear the lovely clothes.

How Ant Saved Dove

The land is dry and Little Ant is very thirsty. He goes to the river for a drink and is swept away.

Grandma’s Bananas

The little girl is curious as she watches her grandma preparing to ripen bananas.

My First Day at the Market

On Etabo’s sixth birthday, his mother and aunt take him to town to visit the market for the first time.

Too Small

Lebo has grown out of all her clothes and they are now too small for her. What will she do with them?

The Talking Bag

Three little girls meet a giant who pretends to need help with firewood.

Why Hippos Have No Hair

In this Nyungwe folktale, we see what happens when Hare refuses to forgive Hippo for stepping on his foot.

Colour-In Goat, Dog And Cow

Colour-in version. Goat, Dog and Cow are good friends. They take a trip together on a taxi, but when the time comes to pay the driver one of the friends does something surprising.

No Pigs Allowed

This tale explains why pigs have flat noses. What else does the story teach us?

My Teacher

This little girl loves her teacher, and wants to be just like her.