Help new readers with engaging, interactive stories for all.

What is a Curious Reader book?

Curious Reader books are built to provide interesting and content-rich stories in a familiar context. They include illustrations, spoken audio, and animation. Combining these three elements, children are able to experience words in an interactive context while being exposed to new vocabulary.

Use the orange arrows above to experience a Curious Reader story! Don’t be shy to tap around in the story to explore the interplay between graphics, words, and audio!

How do I make a Curious Reader book?

Curious Reader books are authored through a web interface– no programming skills are required. This Curious Reader Authoring Tool allows anyone with a desktop or laptop computer and web browser to create an interactive story by combining existing illustrations and audio.

Why did you build Curious Reader and the Authoring Tool?

The Curious Reader platform was created to deepen the spoken and written language experience by enabling the incorporation of audio, illustration, and interactivity into stories. 

Additionally, we wanted to make book building an accessible process such that anyone could build interactive books and share them on the web.

What can I do?

To date, we have successfully created 40+ books in 5+ languages and now would like to extend the use of the Authoring Tool to a select group.

We’d like to schedule 1 week of time in the next 3 months for you to try out the Authoring Tool. 

The process of updating an existing book to an interactive book takes on average less than 3 days of effort and would include 1.) translating the book to a new language (optional) 2.) recording audio, and 3.) using the authoring tool to compile the book. You can bring your own book or we can provide a selection of books to choose from.

During this time you will have:

  • Dedicated support from Curious Learning in using the authoring tool to make your interactive book. 
  • Access to the Curious Reader community to connect with others also using the authoring tool.
  • Your story published to after review.
  • An H5P file that can be uploaded to most CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, etc. if you would like to self-host your story elsewhere.
  • An <iframe> link if you would like to embed the story on any webpage.
  • The opportunity to help shape future feature development on the Authoring Tool based on your feedback.